Three new Straight Talk Coupons

We have scoured the web in search of the latest deals for Straight Talk Wireless. Using the below promotional codes, we have calculated you can save hundreds of dollars on your purchases. From airtime, to sim cards, there are plenty of discounts available.

The Promos for Straight Talk

iPhone Deal
Get substantial savings on your iphone 5 and iphone 6 purchases.

Samsung S5
Get a discount on the Samsung S4 and S5. Savings valid at checkout.

Free Overnight Shipping
Get free overnight shipping when you use the code above.

Learning to use these codes isn’t as hard as it seems. You will first need to find and locate the deal that which you want to use. Generally speaking, free airtime isn’t as hard to come by as you think it is. These deals pop up once every few months, and only last for a few days. While talking about these deals, you need to also take into consideration that if you wait too long, the price may go up.

How to use the coupons

In order to use the promotional discounts, you will need to look for a box on the shopping cart labeled “Have a coupon?”. You will then enter in the code into this box and click “submit” and the discount will automatically be applied to your purchase. If you have selected free overnight shipping, be sure that the shipping address that you have listed is correct, as there will be very little time to change your address in case you made a mistake entering it.

Straight Talk Wireless

3 ways to take advantage of the deals

1. A great way to utilize the various cellphone savings is to constantly monitor sites that offer straight talk coupons like this source which focuses on straight talk only. They have inside contacts with the various promotions departments inside Straight Talk Wireless. Therefore they are the first sites to know of any new promotions that will be offered.

2. Calling the sales department inside Straight Talk can sometimes result in a promotion that is not advertised anywhere else on the internet. Usually the customer service representatives are privy to special one time offer codes or voucher codes that are usually designed to help appease angry customers. We checked and the CSR representatives at Straight Talk are given 50 codes per week to give out to unsatisfied customers. If you are real nice to them when talking to them over the phone, and ask them kindly, you may be given a special one time offer that is not available to anyone else. Generally speaking, we have seen this only work with free airtime and SIM cards.

3. Last but certainly not least, we advise to sign up for the newsletter/email blast that Straight Talk sends out to their registered users on a weekly basis. The deals contained within the emails/newsletters will sometimes contain deals that are not found anywhere else. These are special one time offerings and promotions for Straight Talk Wireless. These types of deals are almost always “first come, first served”. This means that if you wait too long to take advantage of the deal, there is a very good chance that it could be sold out.